Bringing faith to the mundane & spirituality to the creative.


The fact is, we're all supposed to be doing more. This life we live is inherently spiritual and, if you've stumbled upon Beyond the Contrast, you recognize the fact that you have embarked on a journey to somewhere supernatural. You know that we are created for amazing things, an incredible relationship with an immeasurable God, and we just aren't meant to simply coast through life. That fact is what this site, this movement, is built upon. You don't have to be a minister to hear from God. You don't have to hold a license with an organization in order to walk in the Spirit. You must commit to the journey and keep moving forward. Our example is the original man, Adam, and his adventures in the Garden of Eden.

Daily, he walked with God, explored new and incredible landscapes, marveled at the hilarity of animals and their personalities, and learned from the Creator of everything. We have this same opportunity. We can discover new and endless vistas of the Spirit each day. Our God will walk with us, teach us, and spend time with us if we will align ourselves, remove the sin that comes between us, and be willing to live a consecrated life. This is my journey - to realize my potential within Christ. I'm walking daily, and am inviting you along. Join me, observe, and participate. I'm pulling back the veil to give you a real, raw glimpse behind the curtain. I hope it inspires you, transforms you, and teaches you as it does me.